Fruit and other Stories

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Author: Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao
Pages: 90
Year of Publication: 2010
Price: HB Rs 150, FB Rs 100
HB 978-81-8157-963-8 (9788181579638)
FB 978-81-8157-964-5 (9788181579645)

About the Author:
Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao graduated in Law and holds a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management. He is a Principal Correspondent for The Hindu. He received the Best Journalist award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2004, for his stories on women empowerment and the illicit liquor menace in tribal areas. Rao writes stories in Telugu and English; the latter have been published in The Statesman and Pratibha India. He is the managing editor of the literary e-journal, Muse India, which promotes Indian writing in English.


In his Foreword to the book, Professor K. Damodar Rao writes:

“Anyone who reads [Mr. Gollapudi’s] first English short story collection will be convinced of his qualities as a good writer: He has a compassionate view, attentive and sensitive eye, and more importantly fine sensibility, and feel for social realities. In most of Mr. Gollapudi’s stories, pacing of the narrative is smooth, free-flowing and effortless. The characters too, are rooted firmly in the soil, and hence carry the stamp of authentic feel; they are down to earth, drawn from different walks of life, some simple and rustic, others wily and exploitative who know ways of the world. The focal point in all the stories is contemporary middleclass milieu wherein the writer examines how a set of individuals living in a (dis)comfort zone of their own behave and interact with others in a given context. The writer succeeds in bringing out their different shades, moods, temperaments and attitudes.”

Foreword / 9
Preface / 17
Aesop’s Good Fate / 19
Bitter Fruit / 25
Canker to the Core / 31
The New Emperor / 36
Eye / 44
The Last Witness / 49
The Reluctant Philanthropist / 54
The Riddle / 58
A Benefactor/ 63
The Design / 67
The Heir / 72
Bloody Revelation / 77
Fruit / 82
The Night / 85

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