From the Terrace

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Author: Pramod Shankar
Pages: 42
Year of Publication: 2000
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
HB 81-7595-712-3 (8175957123)
FB 81-7595-713-1 (8175957131)

About the Author:
Pramod Shankar was born in 1962, in a quiet, green little town in Kerala. He spent his childhood alternating between the fairly bustling city life of Cochin and the paddy fields and monsoon groves of his father’s village. He was always surrounded by an atmosphere of books and writing. Whether in his school, college or professional life (as an advertising copywriter), writing provided him with a quiet and comfortable refuge. He has written a book on AIDS, Ayurveda as well as a few poems. In his own words, he writes in order to: “say a few simple things to a few people who understand. To give a chance to the child in me to speak. To create little worlds that are special. And sometimes, to hold on tightly to myself.”


Hit and Miss

Watching the pole star
split and burst
each smithereen
drowning in the dead sea
watching crafty spiders fashion webs
each a masterpiece.
I spend hours
rolls of canvas
tons of paint
and fail to create anything
let alone snare a fly.

Speakeasy / 9
Hit and Miss / 11
Perceptions / 12
Exit / 13
Birthday / 15
Downstream / 16
Premiere / 17
Damp / 19
Threadbare / 20
Rain Tree / 22
These Are the Days / 23
Tonight / 25
Then and Now / 26
Listen? / 27
Hangover Square / 28
Fire / 30
No Thanks / 31
Question to an Artist Who Killed Himself / 32
Whose Paradise? / 34
Red Sports Car / 35
Feelers / 37
Weekend Wist / 38
Way to Go / 39
Carrier / 40
Bitter Course / 41
Welcome! / 42

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