The Coucal Collaterals


Author: R. Krishna Rao
Pages: 264
Price: HB Rs 350, FB Rs 300
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157-759-7 (9788181577597)
FB 978-81-8157-760-3 (9788181577603)

About the Author:
Born in Ooty, South India, in 1953, Krishna Rao went to St Edmund’s School in Shillong and studied Medicine in Assam and Delhi. He obtained his postgraduate training in surgery and urology, spending several years in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. For the last 18 years he has practiced as a surgeon and urologist in the city of Mysore. He is married to Sona, a practising Child Specialist, and they have two sons. An aborted sabbatical to the UK in 2004 coincided with the media coverage regarding extraordinary rendition and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. This provided the impetus for his maiden novel inspired by the thought that he himself might be the victim of such an eventuality. He is currently on extended sabbatical in Rockhampton, Australia.

‘”Hello, Mr. Wan Zawawi,” he drawled. “We’ve been waiting for you for a long time indeed.
“Mr. who?” Ram ejaculated, completely bewildered by this unexpected new development.
“C’mon man, quit the charade–we know who you are.”
“Look, I’m Ram Sharma, urologist from India, just as it says on the passport.”
“These passports are well forged. You even managed to get old ones complete with all the stamps of previous travels, Mr. Zawawi. Your contacts in Beirut are good–I’m impressed.” He was jeering now, obviously enjoying the occasion and thrilled at the catch.’

Prologue / 9

Heathrow / 13
The American / 17

Beginnings / 23
Coucals / 29
13th June 2004 / 34

Interrogation / 43
Rendition / 48
Abu Ghraib / 54
“Sanctuary” / 59
Accommodation / 62
Third Degree / 78
More Coucals / 82
Delirium / 85
Confrontation / 94
Shobhana / 98
Conversations / 108
Mikhail Nureyev / 130
Deepavali / 135
Convalescence / 140
Discharge / 145
Litigation / 152
Obstruction / 171
America / 178
Anniversary / 182
Bill / 192

The Trial / 203
Cross Examination / 218
State’s Witness / 226
Ram’s Statement / 231
The Ides of March / 239

Homecoming / 249
Epilogue / 257
Shobhana’s Afterword / 260

One comment

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was well written and the main character and his wife were very relatable.


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