Tapestry of Stories


Author: Sreechandra Banerjee
Pages: 108
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-021-5 (9789350450215)

About the Author:
Sreechandra Banerjee is a chemical engineer by profession, working in the area of environmental engineering. She writes in English and Bengali. Music is another one of her passions — she is a vocalist specializing in Hindustani classical music and Rabindrasangeet.

Sreechandra Banerjee’s stories offer an insight into the nuances of human relationships. Her language is easy and conversational. She often effortlessly weaves in different music styles into the narrative of her stories. Many of the pieces lie somewhere between a poem and a short story, which make them appealing to the reader

Rain Drops / 9
Monsoon Melodies / 11
The Sadhubaba / 17
Rhythms of the Heart / 27
An Oasis / 34
The Artist / 40
Battlefront / 45
Saga of a Saturnine Murder / 51
Lovingly Yours… / 63
A Meandering Stream / 67
Small Talk / 76
In Paris / 83
A Memorable Outing / 88
A Man in the House / 94
Svati of Shillong / 98
That’s Life / 103

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