Bouquet of Life


Author: Abhijit C. Chandra
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: HB Rs 100
978-93-5045-022-2 (9789350450222)

About the Author:
Born on 19 February 1975, Abhijit C. Chandra grew up in Calcutta. He completed his graduation in History in 1995 and began working as a journalist in New Delhi the following year. He has been working with the United News of India news agency since 1998 and is based in Bhopal where he lives with his parents.

Bouquet of Life is a collection of 28 middles that encapsulate the author’s journey through life – family, school, college and the workplace. The book sketches myriad characters and events that together constitute an autobiographical kaleidoscope. By virtue of having been a student of History and having written articles on the Indian Army, Chandra’s writing draws on historical comparisons and references to military life.

The book weaves in boyhood interactions with girls, scenes inside the mess hall, a loving granduncle, the excitement at learning how to ride a bike, university lecturers who left an indelible impression, the pain of losing young friends to death, a role-model deputy general manager, the horror of battle and depictions of under-developed India.

Alma Matters / 9
Schoolboy’s Confessions / 12
Standing at Ease / 14
High Drama / 16
Mess Mania / 18
Friends and Foes / 20
Man Mountain / 23
To Sir, with Love / 25
College Days / 28
Imtiaz / 30
Letters from Dadu / 33
Darling Didi / 35
Marriage-maker / 37
Method in the Madness / 39
Early to Rise / 41
Landlord Almighty / 43
Unlikely Don Juan / 46
Be My Valentine / 49
Crorepati All / 51
Sister-out-law / 54
Comrades-in-arms / 56
Kargil Heights / 59
Peace for Our Times / 61
Rough Rider / 63
Seminar Syndrome / 65
Fatal Cure / 67
Silent Dirge / 69
Sister of Memories / 71

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