Dams across the Flow

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Author: Mallikarjun B. MulimaniWP_20160323_17_06_29_Pro
Pages: 92
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-101-4 (9789350451014)

About the Author:
Born in 1979 in Karnataka, Mallikarjun Mulimani graduated in Engineering and has been writing fiction and poetry. His first book, Abstractions, published by Writers Workshop, India, in 2007, was a collection of poems and digital paintings. His second book was a novel titled Buddha in a Mercedes (published by S. Chand, New Delhi). Writers Workshop has also brought out The Holy Plumber and Other Stories, a collection of poems and stories, in 2009, and Operation Epiphany, a novel, in 2012.

About the Book:

In his foreword to the book, Professor K. Raghavendra Rao writes:

“In his fictional work, Dams across the Flow, Mallikarjun is experimenting with a new kind of novel, which is different from both the realistic novel and the novel of magical realism. What he is doing is not rejecting these modes of fiction but drawing from both selective elements to create something new which is in search of truth that lurks beyond the seen and empirically experienced world… Sharanu’s attempt to build the first dam ends in a failure but this is not a failure because there is always a second dam. On one level, Mallikarjun narrates an ordinary tale of a young boy growing into an adult in search of gods and sex. But on a deeper level, he is wrestling with the meaning of this conventional narrative… Written in an innovative style, this novel explores the paradox of human life and destiny. It captures the agony of being human – being in one world and trying in vain to shift to another world.”

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