Be Vocal in Times of Beauty ~ Tributes to P. Lal at Seventy

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Editor: Dr. C. R. Venugopal
Pages: 478
Year of Publication: 2000
Price: HB Rs 200, FB Rs 150
HB 81-7595-680-1 (8175956801)
FB 81-7595-681-X (817595681X)

Note: This is a collection of essays, personal recollections and responses, letters and a few poems about or inspired by Professor P. Lal, brought out to commemorate his 70th birthday. In his preface, Dr. Venugopal remarks: “The articles here, taken together, present Lal in all his fullness: a gentle friend, a loving husband, an indulgent teacher, a feeling parent, a gentleman critic, an efficient organiser, and of course, and ever more, a trend setter in the field of poetry, transcreation and… publication!”

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