An Infinite Human Tale

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Author: Carmine Dandrea
Pages: 184
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: $20 (USD)
HB 978-81-8157-841-9 (9788181578419)
FB 978-81-8157-842-6 (9788181578426)

About the Author:
Carmine Dandrea, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing and former editor of Blossom Review, a magazine of the arts, was educated at Hobart College, Brown University, Elmira College and Cornell University, from where he received his MFA in Creative Writing. He has taught at Elmira Free Academy, Elmira College, Corning Community College and Lake Michigan College. Mr. Dandrea served in the United States Marine Corps and during the Korean War was awarded the Purple Heart Medal. His poems have been published in several journals and anthologies and over 30 of his poems have won prizes and awards. This is his third publication with Writers Workshop, the others being Heart’s Crow (1972) and Liberation: A Journey to India (1995).


Once in Korea

Between the sun and smoke
of napalm fires burning bright,
I’m caught beneath the brilliant sky
and hold the daylight in my hands
and feel its heat expand
and feel it fill my eyes.

He lies on yellow ground
with blue sky all around;
the sun bleeds red
upon his head,
and he is dead.

The hills have gone from lovely green
to slaps of purple shade between
the trees which bend their leaves
in a soothing Oriental breeze
that shelters doubt.

And all at once,
my mind blows out.

57 poems spread over 12 sections

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