An Indian Evening and Other Poems

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Author: Meenakshi S. Thakur
Pages: 75
Year of Publication: 2003
Price: HB Rs 150, FB Rs 100
HB 81-85299-63-3 (8185299633)
FB 81-85200-64-1 (8185200641)

About the Author:
Meenakshi Singh Thakur was born in Ipswitch, England in 1981 while her father, a physician, was working for the National Health Service of Britain. She was brought up in Patna where her father later practised. She graduated in English from Patna Women’s College (Patna University). She also writes in Hindi and has an anthology of Hindi poems, Jab Utthi Yavanika to her credit.


A Hundred Suns Do I Embrace!

Under the mellowness
of the dimly glowing sun
awakes the city lazily
softly shelving the misty dreams
soothing touch draping the visions
emanating looming gleams
shining over the myriads
of silvery shallowness
dispersing the night
hiding the moon behind the sun
I forget all woes and shout aloud
The sun…the sun!

Rising from the dark
stark starry gloom
life walks
afresh on the city roads
the soft ochre glow
fills up each being
life smiles at us
takes a deep breath
still hushed and low
gets the firmament moulded,
for a moment in gold,
still another in orange enfolded

pieces of sunlight
bathed in gold
pour into the city
as the day enfolds
a light so dazzling
a glaze unparalleled
palms stretched across
I feel the warmth
and close my eyes
and dream, I dream with grace
glimmers of a vital new face
the face of the sun, I see
a hundred suns do I embrace.

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