All That Will Remain

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A sample cover of the book: red coloured handloom sari with gold embossed nameplate and lettering for the title and author's name. The border of the sari lines the right hand margin of the cover.Author: Sarba Roy
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2019
Price: Rs 200
ISBN: 978-93-5045-196-0 (9789350451960)

About the Author
Sarba Roy is a graduate in Economics from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. His works have been published in Muse India, the Spark Magazine, PicnStory and Project Fuel. His dream in life is to watch Arsenal play live at the Emirates.


Seven Minutes Ago

It’s been a while since I texted,
And I had to judge you in seven minutes.
How would I know whose arm that was?
I had no clue about this friend.
Didn’t we decide on a code?
That the colon and star was just for us?
I called as soon as I saw,
But you weren’t reachable.
It’s been two hours since you left
And I finally see you calling back,
But I’ll pretend to be busy,
Make up a life of my own
For I don’t want to hear that all you did
Was talk about me to your oldest friend
Whom you accidentally met after five years.
And I don’t want to hear that he’s getting married
And you want me to be your plus one.
For all I know is you let me down,
And I, in turn, will let you know
That I loved you, a little bit more
Seven minutes ago.

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