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Author: Shilpa Vinay Viswanath
Pages: 58
Year of Publication: 2010
Price: HB Rs 150, FB Rs 100
HB 978-81-8157-969-0 (9788181579690)
FB 978-81-8157-970-6 (9788181579706)

About the Author:
Shilpa Vinay Viswanath graduated in Economics from the London School of Economics. She has published three other volumes of poetry with Writers Workshop, India: Pause and G for God, D for Distraction in 2009 and Ye Calliope, Erato and Polyhymnia in 2010. This is her fourth collection.


Maddening padding

Padding myself
For existence dear existence.

Failed orgasms, unfailing pregnancies,
Multifarious abortions,
Miscellaneous Clots, tissue, protein lining
Pads wrapped, replaced,
Thrown into reusable bins as refuse.

Is fetal tissue reclaimable?
Is a woman’s discharge reclaimable?
Is an Indian woman’s discharge reclaimable?

42 poems

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