A Fistful of Embers

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Author: Moin Qazi
Pages: 126
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-019-2 (9789350450192)

About the Author:
Moin Qazi worked as a senior executive for a leading public sector bank before settling down to a full-time career in writing and research. An award-winning poet, his poems have been published in leading newspapers and magazines. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature. Dr. Qazi lives in Nagpur with his wife, Nahid and sons, Salman and Wasim.


Farewell to a Friend

The limpid waters of the river
Rustle along the shores
Until the heavy rocks block their way.
I bid farewell to my friend.
A demure young lad he was:
His mind as clear as a computer,
His convictions tough as a rock.
The night has already begun
To spread its looming canopy.
The time is now for rising up and speaking
Out our love. Your ideas broke the mould
Of prejudice in which my mind was formed.
You let the world in on my weak shoulders.
We hemmed and hawed over ideas held in common.
The moment of separation has now come.
The line of the horizon has started fading,
He walks to the north and I to the south.
His faint memories, like floating clouds,
Shall always populate my universe.
A shadow falls on us and grows.
Tomorrow we will meet, again at a different latitude.
We embrace in the haze of sunset
And part with eyes bloated
And hearts bulging with the pain of separation.

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