The Remnant Glow

Authors: Meera Chakravorty, Elsa Maria Lindqvist Pages: 72 Year of Publication: 2016 Price: Rs 150 ISBN: 978-93-5045-127-4 (9789350451274) About the Authors: Meera Chakravorty is a research faculty in the Department of Cultural Studies, Jain University, Bangalore, India. She has translated into Kannada Bengali novels that won Sahitya Akademi (National Academy of Letters) awards, like Manoj Basu’s Nishikutumba and Amiyabhushan Majumdar’s Rajnagar, as well as a collection of Jibanananda Das’s poetry and Saonli Mitra’s play Nathavati Anathavat. She translated into Bengali a collection of Kannada Vachanas (by medieval poet visionaries challenging stereotypes) and […]

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