Leopards & Other Poems

Leopards & Other Poems
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Author: Ratan Chouhan
Pages: 41
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157-741-2 (9788181577412)
FB 978-81-8157-742-9 (9788181577429)

About the Author:
Born into a family of farmers in 1945 in the village of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, Ratan Chouhan taught English Literature at the Government College of Arts and Science, Ratlam. Chouhan writes in Hindi and English. His two books of poems, originally written in Hindi, have appeared in 1996 and 2000. Two more books written in English have been published from Trayee Prakashan, Ratlam and Writers Workshop. He has translated his own writing profusely.



She was a schoolgirl
and was wearing a rainbow.
Her hair had a ribbon or
there blossomed a sun-flower on her back.
She was a wind hurrying home on her bike.

Life was threadbare
and the trees barren and murky.
She blazed like a piece of red flannel
in that dark winter.

Sometimes foggy and sometimes transparent
the stream flowed
and the years died into centuries
but the Unchanging girl kept dancing
with the waves and singing with
the pebbles.

She was a school girl
and was wearing a rainbow.

Leopards / 9
Blaze / 11
Unforgettable meeting / 12
The woman in the kitchen / 13
Encounter / 14
Salvation / 15
Resonance / 16
Thirst / 17
Boughs of evening / 18
The days have flitted past / 19
The dancing boy / 20
Home-coming / 21
Fire fighters / 22
The last visit to the library / 23
The homeless / 24
Betrayal / 24
The sky was a hollow blue / 26
Sikakai / 27
Carcass / 28
Trance / 30
A storm of rain again / 31
Denying your world / 32
The great moon of January / 33
Concern / 34
Benjamin Malaise / 35
Packing / 36
Tearing off / 37
The earth / 39
I saw that child / 40
She wrote to me / 41

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