A Belated Appearance

A Belated Appearance
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Author: R. C. Shukla
Pages: 83
Year of Publication: 2000
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 60
HB 81-7595-696-8 (8175956968)
FB 81-7595-697-6 (8175956976)

About the Author:
R. C. Shukla, Head of the Department of English, K. G. K. College at Moradabad, is a well known bilingual poet from Northern India. He has published his English poems in several leading poetry journals in India including the Delhi-based Indian Literature.


The firmament in your eyes is very dear to me

The firmament in your eyes is very dear to me
And also the moonlight of your smiles
You are the quintessence of depth
Which only sirens have.
In your limpid, gratifying water
Am I keen to lave.

Your love is like ether
All pervasive and serene
I urge upon you
To be sentient to my pain
During this night of rain.

Very tenuous is my temper
And also impatient for your air
Like a sanguine suitor
Have I this day come to your gate
I have never been to their smell
Let me possess your hair.

The firmament in your eyes is very dear to me / 9
Enamoring you are but never discreet / 10
Life at so many stations is the examination of our will / 11
We are a nexus of the near and far / 12
I do not possess the fate of Peleus / 13
Can you not Hermia keep your name? / 14
It cannot be / 15
Love degenerated to craving grows contemptuous / 16
Green wounds dry up the man / 17
The man who is man / 18
No, it cannot be / 19
When priorities change / 20
Let it remain like this / 21
The Ritual / 22
A meaningless knot / 23
The end we so eagerly sought / 24
Our desires depreciate our will / 25
Better are the people who are ignorant since birth / 26
The Search of Truth / 27
When night begins reminding / 28
The Guest / 29
Love’s a Bee / 30
Man’s Predicament / 31
The tree does not leave the leaf / 32
When doubts assail hope / 33
You should forever live / 34
A self imposed thrall / 35
Time passes slowly with a very swift speed / 36
I broke my pledge / 37
I met her in the church / 38
Are you the things I longed for? / 39
My envy that you are a bird / 40
Let me ride my hope / 41
An ailment of the mind / 42
How foolishly is the game of life by me played / 43
I shun myself with my might / 44
You poured honey into my days / 45
Lest death be my guide / 46
Animals / 47
Those who need do not forever wait / 48
The world beyond us is a show / 49
Illusions keep us gay / 50
The beginning to end starts with its birth / 51
My failure has stemmed from their success / 52
I forget not the doctor / 53
Henceforth I must be strong / 54
His hopes lie in the vault / 55
The tragedy is bound to be our lot / 56
This is the difference between now and then / 57
Death is a cool shower in June / 58
Nothing basically is consuming or not / 59
I cannot stay more than ordained / 60
Destiny was born with the rich persecuting the poor / 61
I wait for them over my glass of rum / 62
Had austerity been my guide / 63
Even the most stupid woman can manipulate the man / 64
The Woman for Man / 65
The Course Desirable / 66
Let me become a child again / 67
My best advisers have been my miseries / 68
Love without loyalty is a trade / 69
How can this life be a Charitable Power’s offer? / 70
Improvidence / 71
Where the sweet honey contains the gall / 72
Walking inside the churchyard / 73
Man is God’s toy for his game / 74
Hope is the most familiar guest / 75
Death Defined / 76
Death and Life / 77
It Also Happens / 78
The duration of life is brief / 79
All charitable people do themselves deceive / 80
Unrealistic Thought / 81
The Woman for Man / 82
God begins where vitality ends / 83

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