Stories of Sages

Stories of Sages
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Author: Indrayani Sawkar
Pages: 268
Year of Publication: 2007
Price: HB Rs 300, FB Rs 200
HB 81-8157-658-6 (8181576586)
FB 81-8157-659-4 (8181576594)

About the Book:
In her author’s note, Sawkar writes, “I had to preserve the stories of the sages for posterity. I grew up with them and am still living with them. Their life stories made me chuckle, laugh, ponder, grieve and marvel. I want my readers to experience this whole range of emotions…

The sages were the think tanks of the prevailing society. They were poets, authors, story-tellers, teachers, principals of schools, priests at kings’ courts and temples, scientists, judges, expounders of law and religion, ascetics and some even commanders of armies.

As a class they arose in the dawn of civilization and held sway over current society roughly till the end of the first millennium.”

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