Child of Liberty: Introspections of a Wandering Mind

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Author: Divyam Nandrajog
Pages: 88
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: HB Rs 100
978-93-5045-018-5 (9789350450185)

About the Author:
Divyam Nandrajog was born in January 1993. A voracious reader, he stared writing poetry at the age of 14. Most of the poems in this collection were written when he was 17. Apart from reading, Divyam enjoys listening to rock and heavy metal music. He passed out of school in 2011 and is currently studying Law.


Death Wish

Is there really a great beyond
Are tales of heaven and hell true
What if I break my earthly bond
Will I go to a land that is new

From my dead body will a spirit rise
To go into the land of mists
From hell will I see the sun rise
From heaven will I get my wish

Will I get to see the celestial steps
Or descend to the dungeons of fire
It may be madness or adventure
I want to walk this tight wire

Or is it all a great sham
That we have been led to believe
And after death, we lose it all
There is nothing more to receive

On this earth I have done what I wanted to
To find out the truth now I wish
And to embark on one last adventure
I have a death wish

Preface / 9
Prisoner / 11
Purpose of Being / 13
The Third Kind / 15
Crimson Ocean / 17
The Prison / 19
A Warrior’s Fear / 20
The Fallen Warrior / 21
Musings / 24
Hapless / 25
Sea-Green Stone / 26
Silent Sound / 28
Sheer Audacity / 31
Silver Street / 32
Plea for Humanity / 34
The Sound of Silence / 36
The Land Where Dreams Are Sold / 37
Encounters with a Child / 40
Gone / 41
Fading of the Sun / 43
Beyond the Line / 44
Point of No Return / 46
Insomnia / 50
In the Middle of Nature / 52
Death Wish / 53
Hope / 54
Not a Tie / 55
Union / 57
Why I Fight / 58
The Key / 59
A Buried Treasure / 61
Pen and Paper / 63
The Girl of My Dreams / 64
In the Heat of Battle / 67
An End and a Beginning / 72
Shield of Score and Seven / 81

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