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A Tinge of Turmeric

Description: Author: Pervin Chhapkhanawala Pages: 48 Year of Publication: 2009 Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 100 ISBN: HB 978-81-8157-843-3 (9788181578433) FB 978-81-8157-844-0 (9788181578440) About the Author: Pervin Chhapkhanawala is a writer, editor and poet. Born in Mumbai in 1984, she studied in Queen Mary School, St. Xavier’s College and then obtained her M.A. in English Literature from S.N.D.T. University in 2007. She works as an English language consultant at a publishing house that brings out academic books. She also […]

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Apollo’s Breath

Description: Author: Srinjay Chakravarti Pages: 176 Year of Publication: 2009 Price: HB Rs 250, FB Rs 200 ISBN: HB 978-81-8157-827-3 (9788181578273) FB 978-81-8157-828-0 (9788181578280) About the Author: Srinjay Chakravarti is a journalist, economist, writer and translator. He currently works as an editor with an international online financial news service. His first book of poems, Occam’s Razor was published by Writers Workshop in 1994 and it won the Salt Literary Award from Salt, an Australian literary and publishing organization headed by […]

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Arriving Shortly

Description: Author: K. Srilata Pages: 96 Year of Publication: 2011 Price: Rs 200 ISBN: 978-93-5045-015-4 (9789350450154) About the Author: An award-winning poet, fiction writer and translator, K. Srilata is Associate Professor of English at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras. Her books include The Other Half of the Coconut: Women Writing Self-Respect History (Zubaan/Kali for Women, 2003), Short Fiction from South India (co-edited with Subashree Krishnaswamy and published by OUP in 2007), Rapids of a Great River: […]

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Breeze – A Love Story

Description: Author: Ramkumar R S Pages: 84 Year of Publication: 2014 Price: Rs 200 ISBN: 978-93-5045-076-5 (9789350450765) About the Author: Ramkumar R S was born in 1968. He founded and ran an angel-funded company in digital music space from 2007 to 2010. He is also the founder of RSR Innovations, a marketing accelerator in Chennai. Additionally, Ramkumar facilitates leadership workshops and mentors, and is a consultant for, several early-stage startups in Chennai. His interests are movies, music, yoga and dance […]

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Collected Works Volume 3: Place/Name, A Sextet

Description: Author: Hoshang Merchant Pages: 244 Year of Publication: 2014 Price: Rs 400 ISBN: 978-93-5045-082-6 (9789350450826) About the Author: Hoshang Merchant is India’s first openly gay poet. He has published over 20 volumes of poetry with Writers Workshop, India, since 1989. He is a respected Queer Theorist with three critical studies on the subject published by national and international presses and has also published a study of Anais Nin with Writers Workshop (In-discretions: Anais Nin). He translates from Urdu as […]

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