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In the Land of the Pandavas

Description: Author: Mahbubar Rahman Pages: 108 Year of Publication: 2014 Price: Rs 300 ISBN: 978-93-5045-087-1 (9789350450871) About the Author: Mahbubar Rahman is a physicist by education and civil servant by profession. He always had a strong interest in music and books but actually started pursuing a literary career in earnest somewhat late in life. Before this, he was involved with literary circles and book forums held by professional Bengalis posted in the then West Pakistan. In independent Bangladesh, he started […]

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Description: Author: Sivaram Hariharan Pages: 264 Year of Publication: 2013 Price: Rs 350 ISBN: 978-93-5045-058-1 (9789350450581) About the Author: Dr Sivaram Hariharan is a professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. His other books include Pride: A Tale of Lions (2001), Code-E2121: A Solution for Terrorism (2003) and Bees: A Hive of Short Stories (2005). Apart from writing, his other interests are music and chanting Vedas. You can find out more about him here. Teaser: In his preface to the book, Dr Hariharan […]

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That Damn Romantic Fool

Description: Author: Michael Chacko Daniels Pages: 200 Price: HB Rs 250, FB Rs 150 Year of Publication: 2005 About the Author: Michael Chacko Daniels grew up in Bombay, where he attended St. Michael’s High School and Wilson College. He lives and works in California where he runs a training and jobs program for homeless individuals and families. Teaser: ‘“I really don’t know what it is to be lonely,” says Narayanan, recognising the presence of one of those moments ripe for […]

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