Dipika Mukherjee on Writers Workshop

Dipika Mukherjee, author of The Third Glass of Wineshares her personal journey as a writer, and her experiences with publishing houses. About Writers Workshop, India, she writes:

“… I kept seeing the Writers Workshop books everywhere, and delighting in their difference. As the press went into its sixth decade of existence, I finally realized the value of being a part of the literary history of India, and started the process of qualifying for my own hand-loom sari-bound volume of poetry, with exquisite calligraphy inside…

For a book that I thought would not sell because the publisher was relatively unknown outside India, this book has surpassed my expectations. The demand for this slim book, and the persistence of this small publishing house at a time where the market for poetry seems so small, has taught me the lasting value of exquisite craftsmanship.

Isn’t that the whole point of poetry?”

We hope you will read her whole piece here.


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