Woman at the Traffic Signal

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Author: Ghazala Shamim SiddiqiA sample cover of the book: black handloom sari with gold embossed nameplate and lettering for the title and author's name. The border of the sari lines the right hand margin of the cover.

Pages: 106
Year of Publication: 2023
Price: Rs 400
978-81-961291-0-1 (9788196129101)

About the Author
Ghazala Siddiqi has a Ph. D. in Education and has contributed to materials development, content writing and reviewing at various organizations such as the National Council of Educational Research and Training, Cambridge University Press and Burlington Publications. She teaches English at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She is an English language expert in the Access Micro Scholarship Teaching Program offered by the American Center, New Delhi, and also works as Trainer and Program Coordinator for an international project of World Learning, USA. She has taught English as a second language at the primary, secondary and university levels and led many professional development and training programmes for teachers and students in government and public academic institutions. She has authored academic books for Cambridge University Press. Her papers and articles have been published in national and international journals. She lives in New Delhi with her family.


The Grid

On Zoom
we talk of endless skies
and starry nights
and endless love
and endless trudges
on sands of time

when clocks on walls
just melt like wax
and mock the shadow of the sun
across the verandah
through a mesh of steel

we talk of endless stretch of blue
from gold to vermillion and black
how effortless is the transition!
I wonder as I watch a second melt and drip

when I unZoom I see
my endless skies
in grids

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