Whispering Shadows (2nd edition)

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Author: D. Veeru Reddy
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: First published 2003, Reprint 2006, Second edition 2014
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-078-9 (9789350450789)

About the Author:
D. Veeru Reddy worked at the Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai where he held various positions before retiring as the Regional Manager of Administration and Materials in the Taj Group of hotels. His first book of poems, Feeling Unlimited was published by Writers Workshop, India. His poem ‘Wisdom in flight’, which appears in the present collection, received the Editor’s Choice award from the International Library of Poetry, Maryland, USA.

Reddy is a Hindustani Classical vocalist and is also interested in photography. He has two children who live in the United States. He lives with his wife in Chennai.


A matter of life and death

Death resides lightly on our tongues,
we give it voice with frivolity –
dying to meet you,
could have died laughing,
dead tired,
deathly silence,
dying for a drink,
dead ahead,
feel like death,
dead loss,
etcetra, etcetra.

Perspiring Cricketers
contemplating the future
at the ‘death’ overs.

Exasperated Footballers
bracing themselves to face
the ‘sudden-death’ period
at the lapse of extra time.

For that extra time,
do take care of life –
it is the sole property of Death.

Dead right!

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