Under the Southern Sky

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Author: Samir Ranjan Chatterjee
Pages: 64
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 150 / $25
978-93-5045-074-1 (9789350450741)

About the Author:
Samir Ranjan Chatterjee was born in Madaripur, Bangladesh and spent his childhood in Calcutta and Nagpur. He moved out of India in 1971 and has lived and worked for the past forty years in several countries, with a permanent base in Perth, Australia, where he is an Emeritus Professor at Curtin University. He has also worked as a United Nations advisor, a consultant for the Asian Development Bank and as an AusAid capacity-building project director in a number of countries in Asia.


Like to Tell You

I read with my eyes closed
Smelling life dreaming of the colour red
Vibrant and youthful yet a scary look

Raging storm bends trees low
Touching ground they tremble
They whisper in fear
Autumn leaves rustle
While empty cans like shooting stars
With whirling wind full of dust
Blind me, while I walk down the road

“I’ll tell you a story”,
That was a promise made some time ago
Crumpled text aimed for rubbish bin
Dried ink, unfinished words
Around me float aimlessly
Like rainclouds in summer sky

Memories soaking in tears
Add to the pain, to the agony
Slowly turning I saw flash of red
More like raw flesh
Dripping blood red
Not the red nose I read,
Or the divine sweetness I smelt,
With my eyes closed

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