The Silent Sonata

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Author: Subir Chakraborty
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 200
ISBN: 978-93-5045-173-1 (9789350451731)

About the Author:
This is Subir Chakraborty’s third anthology, the earlier two, The Unspoken Word and Symphony for the Soul, published by Writers Workshop, India, as well. He resides in Kolkata and leads a busy professional life as a senior executive in the corporate world, while continuing to write whenever he gets the time, mostly in long-distance transcontinental flights and at airport lounges across the world. In his own words, he writes because every now and then, certain combinations of words get fixated in his mind, at which point of time he needs to put pen to paper to get them out of his system, which is difficult to describe, but perhaps easier to understand. His education has been in the fields of engineering and management, hence poetry is an arena where he is led by intuition rather than professional training. His poems traverse the metaphysical landscape, which is a major field of personal enquiry, while simultaneously exploring issues of love, relationships, sustainability and humanity.



The maelstrom of accusations
Swirls around in circular might
To prove decisively once and for all
Who is wrong and who is right

Yet the situation remains inconclusive
For opinions differ widely
Depending on who is on which side
While tempers rage wildly

Refugees or terrorists
Desirable or unwanted
Pristine or pollutant
Hapless or motivated

While the debate continues
Women get raped
Children orphaned
Humanity bereft

Some leaders are vociferous
Some are silent
A few are ignorant
While the rest indifferent

The discussion flows unabated
In congenial surroundings
While children wait with begging bowls
Destitute, desperate, praying, hoping

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