Symphony for the Soul

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Author: Subir Chakraborty
Pages: 68
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-088-8 (9789350450888)

About the Author:
Subir Chakraborty is a business executive. He graduated in mechanical engineering from IIT Madras and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Calcutta. His interests include reading, travelling and music. His first collection of poems, The Unspoken Word was published in 2008 and was well-received by poetry lovers and readers drawn to works on love, nature, beauty and metaphysical subjects. Chakraborty lives in Calcutta with his wife and daughter.


Heaven Can Wait

The monsoon sky speaks to me
Through its dusky, silky veil
I can hear its distant whispers
And I say, heaven can wait

The rumbling roar is near at hand
The zephyr transforms to a storm
Darkness descends at noon
And I say, heaven can wait

The sheets of rain pour forth
Dancing merrily on tiled roofs
The melodies blend with the percussion
And I say, heaven can wait

The downpour slows to a drizzle
As the puddles reach out to my toes
I playfully dip my ankles
And I say, heaven can wait

When the heavens come pouring down
I seek not refuge, nor shelter
I seek not the comfort of the heavens
And I simply cannot wait

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