Songs of Sanity

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Author: Adwaita Das
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2017
Price: Rs 150
ISBN: 978-93-5045-153-3 (9789350451533)

About the Author:
Adwaita Das was born in 1984 in Calcutta. She graduated in English from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, and went on to obtain a post graduate diploma in Film Direction from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. While in college, she started a theatre group called Stage-Addict which mainly performed original plays in English. She won the Shyamanand Jalan National Youth Theatre Award in 2013 for her trilingual play Chhayankaner Jonyo (Shadowplay). Her book of poems, 27 Stitches, was published in 2014 by Writers Workshop, India, and her novella with collected short stories titled Colours of Shadow was launched in 2015 by LiFi Publications. Her short films have travelled around the nation and across foreign waters, winning hearts and some awards. Karan Kolkata Ebang Anya Galpa (‘Cause Calcutta and Other Stories) is her directorial debut feature film, for the love of Kolkata, of course, and her grandparents, who by now must have been reborn and could be kids watching this movie after all.



She brought rain to the city
while she was in the clouds,
before touching earth.
Then it rained next dawn,
Rained next evening –
on the dead,
on the dried
of the sun.

She brings rain to where she goes,
turns white to grey,
takes the grey to her skies,
settles them on her window
above her bed.
A slice of moon from her purse
placed among the foliage,
just out of reach,
just enough for sleep-light.

At night the constellations arrange
to her taste
when the lamps turn themselves off.

She has the dance of rain in her walk,
the dance of rain in her limbs
and the song of clouds clad in speech.

I have her
and she has me

BOY / 9
LOVE / 23
HOPE / 67

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