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Author: Saratchand Thiyam
Translators: Robin S Ngangom and Bijoykumar Tayenjam
Pages: 68
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-077-2 (9789350450772)

About the Author:
Saratchand Thiyam was born in 1961 in Imphal, Manipur. A poet and a travel writer, he has written five volumes of poetry in Manipuri and three travelogues. He received the Jamini Sundar Guha Gold Medal from the Manipuri Sahitya Parishad in 2002 and the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2006. His poems have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages. Outside of poetry, Saratchand Thiyam was a part of the Indian delegation at the World Peace Conference in Athens, Greece, which was organized by the World Peace Council in 2000.

About the Translators:

Robin S Ngangom is a bilingual poet and translator in English and Manipuri. His three books of poetry are Words and the Silence (published by Writers Workshop, India), Time’s Crossroads and The Desire of Roots. His poems and translations have appeared in several journals and anthologies such as The Literary Review, Kavya Bharati, Dancing Earth: An Anthology of Poetry from North-East India (Penguin) and The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry (HarperCollins). His awards include the Udaya Bharati National Award for Poetry and the Katha Award for translation.

Tayenjam Bijoykumar Singh is an engineer by profession and a bilingual writer by inclination. He writes short stories, poems and non-fiction in English and Manipuri. He also translates from Manipuri into English and vice versa. He has brought out two collections of short stories in Manipuri and a translation of Ratan Thiyam’s plays. He received the Katha Award for translation in 2005 and his story, ‘Mama, I’m Up Here’ won the online writing contest. He is currently vice-president of the North East Writers’ Forum (NEWF).


A Bunch of Keys

Today, a complaint is to be lodged.
If you don’t pay any attention to it
then I’ll take it
you’re very biased.

Keeping a bunch of keys in your hand
you don’t use it even-handedly.
Some have worn from overuse
some have rusted from sheer neglect.
We all are in working condition,
not a single one is out of order,
we all are your creations
that is why you’re called the Owner.

Since you have created us
treat us equally,
think deeply to realize
the true worth of each.
But this is not
what is happening today.

[tr. Bijoykumar Tayenjam]

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