Sarah’s Son

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Author: Juri Mazumdar Nair
Pages: 290
Year of Publication: 2010
Price: HB Rs 350, FB Rs 300
HB 81-8157-993-5 (8181579935)
FB 81-8157-994-2 (8181579942)

About the Author:
Juri Mazumdar Nair completed her post-graduation in Political Science and holds a degree in Law. She is a freelance writer and editor; her articles have appeared in several journals. She lives in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

“Rongsong House had commanding gates that gave it an air of forbidding unwelcome.

Two long intersecting pathways twisted between meticulous carpets of green.

They led to a spacious wood-planked verandah and vast wood-walled interiors.

Rongsong House had space for every feud and foible.


Manik Nath was master of the Rongsong Tea Estate that was spread around undulating misty slopes overlooking the Brohmoputra River.

In his late fifties, Manik had the air of a man who walked fearlessly and spoke insouciantly.

His eyes were bright and intense. A near-scowl lined his features at all times – easy and hard.


One winter morning, Manik walked with an air of tranquility. The intensity of his musings caused his fingers to tremble as they gripped on an elaborately-carved walking stick.


Soon, I will turn around a grove.

I’ll hear the chop of that axe once more. It is Sarah’s son. These days I spy on him often.

This young man, very dark and lean – is my son. I listen for a moment to the thud of his axe as he gathers firewood.

I am a well-bred Assamese man and my son…no, he is Sarah’s son…I am repulsed by the idea of him, real though it is.

I think to myself – it is over twenty years now…

Sarah / 9
Disappointing Dolls / 27
Slithering Serpents / 36
Rice and Ritual / 47
Blighted Blessings / 61
Sad Silhouettes / 77
Cracked Cups / 94
Endemic Extremists / 112
False Fragrance / 135
Scathing Sunshine / 154
Broken-winged Bard / 172
Bickering Birds / 212
Ominous Owls / 238
Sarah’s Son / 273

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