Rumination and other Stories

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Author: Madhusree Gupta
Pages: 90
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 200, FB Rs 150
HB 978-81-8157-905-8 (9788181579058)
FB 978-81-8157-906-5 (9788181579065)

About the Author:
Madhusree Gupta grew up amidst the splendours and shocks of Calcutta – a city of diversity, providing her uniquely different perspectives, which have helped her in her literary career. After completing both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from Jadavpur University, she pursued a career in academics and is currently an honorary lecturer, associated with a Ramakrishna Mission College. Her stories and poems, in Bengali and English, have been published in several Indian magazines. She is the author of the novel, Sita, published by Writers Workshop, India (2008), and the popular Learn English in 30 Days (2007).

“Sucharita was walking alone in the garden. From time to time she was eyeing the sky. It was past four o’clock and it was already time for the neighbourhood children to swarm into her garden. Sucharita was sure that the children wouldn’t be coming that day to play for the sky was heavily overcast. Sucharita tilted her head skyward and saw large black clouds gently, very gently swimming across the limitless sky painting it in black and grey.

It’s so hard to recognize right now the blue sky, which existed only an hour ago – thought Sucharita. Yes, indeed, storms are powerful and they change the face of the sky so easily with their clouds and thunders. Life’s storms are just the same. Within seconds they can blow away all the sunshine from human lives, blotting away all colours. Sucharita kept on philosophizing with her eyes fixed on the sky.

“A-un-ty” – a soft voice was heard. It jerked Sucharita’s mind back to reality. She smiled as she saw Abhimanyu standing at a little distance. She was so pleased to see him.”

[Extract taken from “When Hymen Weeps”]

Alone / 9
The Dream-Weaver / 16
Rosy Memsaab / 22
In Search of Inheritance / 27
Noorjahan / 34
When Hymen Weeps / 40
The Nightqueen / 44
Mirror Image / 48
A Trip to Hell and Back / 55
Come Back Doel / 58
The Silver Round / 64
Rumination / 73

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