Reveries and Recollections

Author: Gautham Ramakrishnan
Pages: 64
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-193-9 (9789350451939)

About the Author
Born in Chennai in 1991, Gautham Ramakrishnan has been dabbling in poetry since the age of 14. A student of arts and humanities, he is a teacher and basketball coach in Kodaikanal, and, believing in the power of words – which have the ability to give wings to imagination and creativity – he is on a mission to teach children to read and
enjoy books.


Sun and Moon

As crisp memory
And an evanescent vision
Rarely ever does abscond
Beyond the realms of thought
As it slips through sunlit rooftops
Between the closing walls
That rise in the sinking night.

I woke up beside a bright
And burning star,
I had dreamt I was consumed
By the jaws of the wolf,
The fangs tearing
Swallowing the moon and the sun.
I dreamt of a mirror
Reflecting time upon my face,
And dreams of hours
Have moved beyond its grasp
As the darkness of the unknown
Lurks behind the dawn of sight.

The stars spare no disquiet
But wink mischievously behind
The silent veil of night,
While the sun dies
Behind the moon’s laughter
And such a universe
Prolongs my waiting love
Of a deathly silence
Of a life altered by every breath I take,
Left behind by the empty spaces of memory.

Preface / 7

Children / 11
Introspector / 12
Imprints / 13
Hurt by Nothing / 14
The Spectre / 15
Being Human / 19
Zero / 20
Needle / 22
Wish / 24
The Indifference of Angels / 25
I Am People / 26
Spider Down the Gutter / 27
God / 29
Thoughts Like Rain / 30
Modern Beauty / 31
The Castaway Night / 33
Matchbox / 34
Anticipator / 36
The Nihilist / 37
The Sadist / 38
The Pacifist / 39
Black Moth / 40
Sun and Moon / 41
My Empty Box / 42
Love-Me-Not / 43
Sunlight / 44

1-39 / 47

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