Random Access Memory

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Author: Eesha Kumar
Pages: 92
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-071-0 (9789350450710)

About the Author:
Eesha Kumar was born in Kolkata in 1994. Apart from writing, she is interested in painting, photography, web design and music. She has a special affinity for science-fiction television shows and Italian lunches. At present, Eesha is studying literature at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. She lives with her parents and Laser, a golden Labrador retriever.


Table Manners

He looked up at the people
Sitting also at the table
They were so much bigger than he

All of them ate their dinner

He looked at their eyes
So intent and so purposeful
So lacking in dreams
Unlike his own

He looked at their hands
So clean, so efficient
Weaving and cleaving
So fast, so clever

He looked at his hands

On one hand was chutney and lentils
And smeared pickle
Little drops of water from sliced cucumber;
And the desire to be like the big people

On the other, was some oil from cooked potatoes
And little grains of rice, along with
White specks of wheat on his fingers;
And the strong urge to lick his fingers, to eat slowly

The big people told him that he must learn to eat with one hand.

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