Brand New Parachutes


Author: Suhail Sohal
Pages: 56
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 100
978-93-5045-094-9 (9789350450949)

About the Author:
Suhail Sohal received his MBBS degree from SGRRIMS, Dehradun, in 2011, and is practising medicine at Chandigarh. He was born in Amritsar and studied in schools across the country as per the postings of his father, an army officer. This is his first book of poems.


Cherry red

Out of the 3 things that have always
been absent from this earth,
Only you are the one, who is dancing,
The rest, whom they call the ‘others’,
Are busy being absentees.

And after all the truth still rests
to the right,
Isn’t it so?
And you,
And you dance to the left,
My left and your left too.

A cherry tree in my veranda,
A fruit of spring,
My cherry red ‘odd’
My cherry red girl.

Asterix, Aladdin, broken helmets.
Asterix, Aladdin, broken hearts.
Asterix, Aladdin, broken helicopters.
Asterix, Aladdin, broken dreams.

Foreword / 9
Algebra / 13
Nerd / 14
100 years of love poems / 15
An ode to the ‘I, me and they she’ times / 16
Free me / 18
To Kafka, Franz. / 19
Gums, Nails and Oesophagus / 21
Absent / 22
Time Machines / 23
Melancholia / 24
Rats / 26
Cancer / 29
The story of an old patience / 30
Cherry red / 32
School / 33
The Domesticated Dog / 34
Newspapers/ 36
The man who spoke mice, talked plague / 38
War / 39
Octopus / 40
Brand New Parachutes/ 41
Oesophagus / 43
Tablet / 44
The Duck Tale / 46
Wasted Wanderers / 48
The United Nations of Freelancers / 49
The Man on the Sidewalk / 50
The Last Poem / 52

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