Poems and Drawings

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Author: Premalatha Seshadri
Pages: 62
Year of Publication: 2003
Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 80
HB 81-8157-066-9 (8181570669)
FB 81-8157-067-7 (8181570677)

About the Author:
Premalatha Hanumanthiah Seshadri was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. She did her schooling from Bishop Cotton Girls High School and Mount Carmel College. Her relationship with nature began when she was a child. She grew up in a large rambling house with a garden rich in flora and fauna; with the influence of tutors she learned to draw this phenomena. She was introduced to the classical Bengal school of traditional Indian painting and later joined the College of Arts and Crafts at Madras in 1966. After graduation she taught art at East West School in Bangalore. She also designed fabrics using the method of block printing in Hyderabad. She has worked with rural woman in Gandhi Gram, Madurai, teaching the usage of screen printing to empower women.



Stranger to the picture window outside that
I seem to be seeing, distant to the traffic
Of nobodies and every bodies. Silent, to
The passage of every hour gone and
Seeking, seeking the rest for the forlorn.
If I am alive, if being, if this destiny I can not ever escape.
Traveling in a pain that seeks only rest.
Now, content in my lover’s arms, my sadness that
With his splendid body I grope to forget society’s sway —
and I won’t die,
and I won’t forget.

June fifteenth is another day that has sped by mesmerizing
Even myself when
All too soon this change in mood quickens to his tread;
Sunlight, bountifully encompasses me, and this
Trivial body.
Once, the stranger to the picture window outside
I seem to have seen now, within.

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“With Hector” / 61

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