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Author: Jagdeep SinghA sample cover of the book: bright/forest green coloured handloom sari with gold embossed nameplate and lettering for the title and author's name. The border of the sari lines the right hand margin of the cover.
Pages: 72
Year of Publication: 2020
Price: Rs 250
978-81-949985-3-2 (9788194998532)

About the Author
Jagdeep Singh, a PR practitioner, runs his own PR firm in Jaipur. A postgraduate in English and History, he has had a stint in journalism and has taught English at St. Xavier’s, Jaipur. He has published his poems in a number of poetry journals and magazines as well as online poetry portals.


The Holocaust Survivor

Something dies within you
many times over
when they make you see
a woman in labour
with legs bound.

The animals laughed.

Or when little kids
were used for target practice.
We were made to clap
as they fell back
with neat crimson holes.

On each anniversary
newsguys hound me –
I’m a nine-decade-old
photo-op for them.
They write,
they broke his back
but couldn’t break his spirit.

I know better.

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