Cosmic Tour

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Author: Mandira Ghosh
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2010
Price: HB Rs 200, FB Rs 100
HB 978-81-8157-971-3 (9788181579713)
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About the Author:
A graduate in Mathematics from Indraprastha College, New Delhi, and a post-graduate in English Literature, Mandira Ghosh’s work combines science with philosophy, literature and the arts. She was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Department of Culture, Government of India, for her contribution to Indian literature. She has received the Editor’s Choice Award twice in the North American Open Poetry Contest in 1993 and 2003. Ghosh has been elected into the International Poetry Hall of Fame. Her poems and articles have been published in Women Poets of India, Indian Literature, The Journal of the Poetry Society of India, Poets International, World to World and several anthologies brought out by the International Society of Poets such as Best Poems of 90s.


Cosmic Tour

My cosmic tour is nearly over
As I conclude
What is in the cosmos
Remains alive in the atoms of my body.
The cosmos is my body and
The sun is my solar self.
If the resources are all lost to us
I will remain in other atoms
In my friend’s consciousness
In other leaves
I will remain immortal
My cells won’t dry
I won’t die
In the intersection of time and space
I will exist
I will exist.
As the yogi years ago in astral uttered
“Discover that the cosmos is your body
The sun is your solar self.”
I comprehend the final frontier
I could define the final frontier
As physics is approximate
Metaphysics is the ultimate answer.

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