A White Rainbow

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Author: Chandni KapurA sample cover of the book: indigo coloured handloom sari with gold embossed nameplate and lettering for the title and author's name. The border of the sari lines the right hand margin of the cover.
Pages: 63
Year of Publication: 2021
Price: Rs 200
978-81-953583-6-6 (9788195358366)

About the Author
Chandni Kapur is the author of eight books: Reflections (1992), Lurking Shadows (1997), Embers, Ash and Dust (1999), Karma (2001), The Looking Glass (2004), The Other Face (2009), Timeless Interludes (2013), and Of Nooks and Cloisters (2019) – all published by Writers Workshop, India. An MBA and a Certified Executive & Life Coach with more than two decades of experience working in Asia and the UAE, she currently lives with her family in Dubai where she coaches senior executives and entrepreneurs.

About the Book
A White Rainbow reflects upon the author’s coaching conversations during the coronavirus pandemic. A sample poem is given below.

A Halo

She asks
how can I see my pain
as my white rainbow?
And she knows
only she can see it
if she wants,
and she can want it
if she believes in its wisdom
and she can believe
if she suffers it truly;
for only in its suffering
will she finally find a new vision
which can show her the white rainbow.
But then, she remains afraid
of knowing what she believes…

50 poems spread across 2 sections