A Love Feast

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Author: D. J. SyngaiA sample cover of the book: dark purple coloured handloom sari with gold embossed nameplate and lettering for the title and author's name. The border of the sari lines the right hand margin of the cover.
Pages: 96
Year of Publication: 2020
Price: Rs 300
978-81-946740-9-2 (9788194674092)

About the Author
Dipika is an amourist. Shakespeare inspired her to dive into the world of poetry. She dreams of travelling to Greece one day to physically be in awe of the love myths she has only read about in books. Music plays an important role in her life; you will never find her without her earphones. She plans on writing a novel about love inspired from her own experiences and hopes for it to have a happy ending.


New Year, Same Feelings

Once, I told you I loved you,
As we were gazing at the NYE fireworks,
You looked stunned and chose not
To speak to me for the rest of that night.

Tonight is NYE again, we are all anticipating
The fireworks to start.
My partner is ready with his phone
To take videos of the fireworks,
Oblivious to the fireworks
Happening within me.
Yours is drinking what she swore
Was going to be her last drink,
Oblivious to the fact
That you have remained sober
Tonight of all nights.

When the fireworks started,
All their eyes were fixated on the night sky,
Ours were fixed on each other’s.

Someone then decided to play
“Last Christmas” by George Michael
So loud, and no one found it weird.
I guess when everyone was that drunk
Anything goes.

We didn’t get a chance to speak
To each other without our partners
Attached to our sides.
They feel threatened.

Although we assured them
It’s all in the past now,
They have reasons to believe it’s not.

Honestly, if we were them?
We’d be suspicious too.

4 chapters, 44 poems