Reshma Aquil’s poetry

Reshma Aquil was born in Allahabad and educated in St. Mary’s Convent and the University of Allahabad, where she taught at the Department of English. Two of her collections of poetry, The Unblending and Shadows of Fire were published by Writers Workshop, India, in 2003.  She also wrote Sleeping Wind (Singapore: Ethos Books, 2001), and her poems were brought out in Poetry India: Voices of Many Worlds (British Council Division and the Poetry Society, India), Journal of the Poetry Society, […]

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An article on Professor P. Lal and Writers Workshop in The Telegraph, India

Shantanu Datta writes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover, we have been told. Yet there are those whose mission it has been to turn that adage on its head. Even if separated not so much by time – barely a decade and a half – as by geography – one ocean and two seas – the “Life and Times” of the late Professor P. Lal of Lake Gardens, Calcutta, India, and the late Brian Roylance of Guildford, Surrey, England, […]

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