Sound of Sugar

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Author: Gauri Gharpure
Pages: 64
Year of Publication: 2023
Price: Rs 250
ISBN: 978-81-961291-4-9 (9788196129149)

About the Author
Gauri Gharpure grew up in Ahmedabad in a bi-cultural household and her Gujarati roots often overshadow her Maharashtrian genes. She studied journalism at Columbia University, New York, on a Fulbright grant. Her first collection of poems, Everything in Between, was published by Writers Workshop in 2020.


How would it have been?

How would it have been had you seen the other part of me? The unseasoned me, the occasionally embittered me, the lime-no-sugar me, the into-the-deep-freezer me, the forgotten-to-defrost me? How would it have been had you seen the let’s-talk me, the I-will-talk-to-you-later me, the seeing-through-you me, the hiding-my-thoughts me, the trying-to-lie-right me, the learning-to-lie-right me, the lying me? And while we are at it, you should have seen the berserk me, the dancing me, the devouring me, the cluttered me, the unbathed me, the unmade me. And here’s the most audacious of them all: How would it have been that on seeing the other part of me, you would have said, relieved, “Good, I found you. Those things were too good to be true.”

You never know where

petals fall and birds fly.

Questions for the sky.

42 poems spread across 3 sections