An Indian Miscellany of Wise Nuggets

An Indian Miscellany of Wise Nuggets
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Author: Chandra Rampuria
Pages: 104
Year of Publication: 2002
Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 100
HB 81-7595-983-5 (8175959835)
FB 81-7595-984-3 (8175959843)

About the Author:
Chandra Rampuria (nee Bagla) was born in a remote town called Anandnagar, in Uttar Pradesh, in 1945. She did her Senior Cambridge from St. Mary’s Convent in Kanpur. She married into the Rampuria family of Bikaner and has two sons. She is fond of gardening and has trained in music (she holds a Visharad in Music), with an emphasis on the Sitar.

By constant practice, oh fool,
one becomes wise, it’s well known.
Indeed, repeated lashings of a rope
make smooth even a stone.

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