Mosaic ~ An Anthology of Young Adult Writing

Mosaic ~ An Anthology of Young Adult Writing
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Creators: The Ashok Hall Group of Schools
Pages: 92
Year of Publication: 2019
Price: Rs 300
978-93-5045-194-6 (9789350451946)

About the Book
This is the culmination of a twelve week creative writing course that Professor Ananda Lal conducted with the high school students of Ashok Hall Girls’ Higher Secondary School, G.D. Birla Centre for Education and Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar. Comprising poems and stories, this book encapsulates the myriad perspectives and concerns of young people and exemplifies the value of classes that focus on creative writing craft and technique.

Foreword / 7

Poems / 9
Belief Is All I Have: Kriti Chhaparia / 11
My Top Drawer: Megha Bhattacharjee / 13
Furnace: A Dream: Paulami Ghosh / 16
Hauntings of the Dead: Prachi Bhattacharjee / 18
Rebirth, Return, Revenge: Radhika Agarwal / 20
In Search of a Better Place: Soundarjyo Sen / 22
A Patchwork: Sreerupa Das / 24
The Whiplash: Srijani Ghosh / 26

Stories / 29
Ink and Dust: Ankita Mukherjee / 31
Run: Anushree Sadhu / 35
A Dream Worth a Million Words: Anushua Datta / 40
They: Archismita Majumdar / 44
Just a Thought: Aritri Samadder / 47
Darkness and Light: Harshita Pugalia / 49
Realization: Meghna Seal / 53
Rest in Peace: Muskaan Hossain / 57
La Rêveuse: Rayana Ghosh / 62
The Last Crotchet: Shanti Datta / 69
Saved: Shayeri Rakshit / 73
The Letter: Shruti Dutta Gupta / 77
The Last Redemption: Subhalakshmi Dey / 81
Ink and Paper: Subhashree Dutta / 84

The Authors / 88

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