The Ascension

The Ascension
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Author: Aashish Kaul
Pages: 173
Price: HB Rs 250, FB Rs 150
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157—792-4 (9788181577924)
FB 978-81-8157-793-1 (9788181577931)

About the Author:
Aashish Kaul studied law through interactive learning with other social science disciplines and upon graduating in 2004 enrolled with the New Delhi Bar. For a little over two years thereafter, he was retained by a boutique law practice specializing in the areas of corporate finance, capital markets and security-related transactions in India and abroad. He ceased his retainership with the firm in January 2007 with a long cherished desire to work on this novel, the seeds of which had been sewn a few years ago.

The chapters of this book are composed like the seven notes of music; and the story rises with each chapter, like notes in an octave, to reach a crescendo, which relates to the events of a day in the narrator’s life.

A sample follows:

Do: A Full Circle
“The night that gave away to this beautiful morning was very special, very special indeed. For a romantic experience took place whose majesty is unpronounceable in words. I shall attempt it all the same. But later. First, a brief introduction to the bearer of my tale (on whose perseverance so much depends): I reside in a quaint settlement in the hills that was colonized a century and a half before, designed and erected with tenacity and imagination, and proudly conferred the looks and luxuries it reveals to visitors of this day.”

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